Confidence Circle


You are a woman entrepreneur with a fire in your belly to make a big impact. You know you were put on this planet for a reason . . . At the same time, you fear being seen and heard. The thought of criticism and judgment has you frozen in place. The longer you stay in that place, the more confidence you lose.

But you keep coming back to knowing you were born for a bigger reason.


You know if you just had more confidence – in yourself, your value and your abilities – your business would soar.

You start to move forward, to play a bigger game, to let yourself be seen, then something stops you in your tracks. Belief you can’t do it? The story that you aren’t good enough? You don’t feel ready yet? It’s not perfect . . .

These beliefs and stories you’re holding onto steal your confidence, stop you from taking action and rob you of your self-belief.

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Staying in this uncertainty has cost you TOO MUCH. Not moving forward is EXPENSIVE!

It’s time for a confidence transformation. You’re ready to breakthrough those blocks, limiting beliefs and stories you’ve been holding onto for so long, and step into your powerful self, to create all you desire.


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When you shift your beliefs, your life and business shifts too. You begin to prosper, thrive and make that difference you’ve dreamed of.

Imagine having impacted hundreds, or thousands of people through your work.

Imagine LIVING your vision for your life and business.

Imagine making more than you ever imagined, the vacations, 4-day work weeks, the beach house.

You CAN have it all.


Here’s what You’ll Get:

1. Confidence Building Workshops: Weeks 1 and 2 of each month, I’ll be offering you a live, interactive, online workshop, so you’ll get the knowledge base and tools you need to create the confidence and life you desire. Each month will be a different topic. We’ll explore those detrimental blocks that are holding you back, and you will receive the tools to breakthrough and move forward. Your thoughts will change. Your confidence will grow. You will be more loving and compassionate towards yourself. You will begin to create all you desire for your life and business. It’s time to make self-love and worth your dominant response, the way you operate, no matter what. You’ll have more consistency. The biggest downfall when it comes to personal growth is the lack of consistency and support needed to make lasting change. With the Confidence Circle, you’ll have a beautiful group of sisters, going through the same transformations, women like you who have a bigger mission in life, to make an impact on hundreds, and thousands of people. A group of women who want to see YOU be successful and stand as your most powerful, confident, loving self.
2. Support Circle: Week 3 of each month. This is a place to connect with one another, to share and to focus on what’s working. It’s a place to ask questions, get support, coaching, and offer new perspectives to others. Conversation is around breakthroughs,  ah-ha’s, what’s working, your challenges, and always, support.
3. Facebook Group for Confidence Circle: The Confidence Circle has its very own private Facebook group, where you can connect outside the calls, ask for support, share wins, and celebrate seeing your confidence grow.


Breakthroughs from Working with Erin:



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Before I began working with Erin, I was considering giving up on growing my practice.  I was limping along on one to two clients a month and was full of fear that I would not be able to pay my bills.  Erin helped me create a new vision of possibilities and set new goals.  She encouraged me and supported me in doing the activities I needed to do to attract more clients.  I developed the confidence to conduct my first teleseminar, attended by six people.  That teleseminar plus an increased number of private clients resulted in my best month ever and the momentum continues.  Thank you, Erin.” ~ Norene


I am so grateful for the coaching experience I have had with Erin.  With her skillful coaching abilities, she helped me make some major life changing choices for myself.  One of the most poignant had to do with my self-worth.  In this case, it was directly related to establishing pricing for my new business.  When I first shared my thoughts with her about how much I would charge, she asked me questions that really made me look at a couple self limiting beliefs in relation to my talents/skills and experience.  I also re-evaluated the value of the services I render. As a result, I decided on higher rates and my clients have not questioned it once!  They see the value that I almost failed to fully acknowledge had it not been for Erin’s guidance.  My income will be double what it would have been had I not had her as my coach.  Her coaching has been priceless to me! Thanks Erin!”  ~ Jennifer




“Erin Summ is my hero. It only took one coaching session with her to get to the root of a problem that has defined me for years. By asking a series of questions, she helped lead me to the answer that was there all along…I just didn’t know how to find it. If it weren’t for Erin, I’d still be living with feelings of inadequacy, but it feels so good to say I’m finally proud of who I am, what I’ve accomplished and most importantly where I came from. I highly recommend seeing what she can do for you!  ~ Rene



Every Month You’ll Get:

1. Two 1-hour trainings on the topic of the month
2. One-hour of Support Circle/Q+A
3.  Private Facebook Group
4.  Full Access to the Confidence Circle replays



Last Chance for Special pricing!


Goes Up to $97/month August 1!

(Billing will occur monthly, every 30 days, until you feel complete).





What if I can’t be on live? As much as I would love to have you there live, I know that is not always possible. Each class will be recorded for you to watch later, if needed.

What if I love the program, but need to take a break? Life happens. I get it. You are welcome to take a break and come back anytime. Simply email and let Erin know you need to take a break and she will make sure your payments stop.

When do the classes take place? Classes take place the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

About Erin Summ:




Erin Summ, CPC, supports shy and introverted women entrepreneurs to step past their fears of being seen and heard, to release their limiting beliefs and stand in confidence, shine their brilliant light and leave their impact on the world.

Formerly a shy woman, having battled many of her own limiting beliefs and gremlins, Erin is now a sought after speaker, workshop leader and confidence coach.

Erin is the author of Stand Up and Shine: My 60-Day Confidence Discovery Journal and co-author of Catch Your Star.

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