Your Limiting Beliefs and Fears are Your #1 Barrier to Reaching Your Vision


It’s not only a new year, but a new DECADE!! Woo hoo!! Let’s kick it off right!!

Think back on your past year or maybe even two or three years.

Have you hit your goals? Big and small?

Did you reach your vision?

Maybe you set a big goal or compelling vision, and you are super excited to go for it when the clock strikes Midnight on January 1st, and the year starts out strong, then suddenly, when you aren’t expecting it, you come to a screeching halt? 

Something changed. Maybe you got scared? Maybe you didn’t want to be seen? Or things were getting TOO good?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you have a BIG VISION, but no matter how hard you work, you aren’t getting the results you are looking for?

Or maybe you’re lacking clarity on what it is you really want?

You know something is stopping you, but can’t quite put your finger on it?

Or maybe you know what is stopping you, but you don’t know how to change it.

You’re NOT ALONE!!

Your inner world creates your outer world.

If you don’t do the inner work, your outer world will reflect that, and stall.

Here’s what I have found with my clients...

We ALL have limiting beliefs and fears, which stops us from having all we want.

A HUGE stumbling block to your vision is feeling unworthy or not-good-enough . . .

thumb_01_60_60Of reaching for your big dreams

thumb_01_60_60Of success + abundance

thumb_01_60_60Of financial freedom/receiving money/getting paid for your services

thumb_01_60_60Of Saying YES to great opportunities

thumb_01_60_60Of deep fulfilling love from yourself and others

thumb_01_60_60Of investing time and $$ in yourself and business

Fears might show up as …

  • Procrastination, uncertainty, overwhelm
  • Being unsure of what step to take next, so you stay frozen
  • Not wanting to show your authentic self and putting on a mask
  • Perfectionism
  • Lacking clarity

Trying to create your dreams while carrying around these fears and beliefs is like doing it while stuck in mud, it’s incredibly difficult to move forward. You’ll keep spinning your wheels until you transform them into new, empowering beliefs.

Here’s what I know you REALLY want…

You want to make a bigger impact!

You want to believe in yourself, and your dreams, know your worth, feel confident in yourself and what you offer, in your business, and as a person.

You want to stop living in fear of speaking up, asking for what you want, playing big and being seen.

You want to actually reach your goals and live your vision!

You want to feel empowered and be courageous!

You want to be BOLD and brave

You want better energy and vitality!

You want consistency in your business and income

You want more LOVE in your relationships, self included!

You want to feel fulfilled

When you release fears and transform limiting beliefs and become more B.O.L.D. . .

  • You start to behave differently, make better choices for your life and business, and your world starts to change
  • You reach your goals and live your vision
  • You will have less struggling and more consistency in your business, clients and income
  • You create more of what you want with ease
  • You feel empowered and courageous, making you reach for even more
  • You will believe in yourself on the deepest level, ferociously going after everything you desire

What will we be doing at the Be B.O.L.D for Your Best Year EVER! Reaching Your 2020 Vision workshop?

At this workshop, we do a LOT more than just create your Vision Boards.

You will . . .

Discover what’s in your way and holding you back

Transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs in order to get out of your own way

Raise your feelings around your worth, value, and level of “deserving”

Expand your vision and step into believing in yourself and the new vision!

We will spend a good amount of time clearing your path to your vision BEFORE we even begin to create your big vision and vision boards.

This is critical to the success of your vision!

Having a vision without doing the inner work of busting limiting beliefs and fears is like driving your car with the emergency break on – you won’t get very far.

Creating your vision board in a group of other incredible ladies, like yourself, is so much fun, and being witnessed in your vision is a super powerful way to launch your year. The Be B.O.L.D for Your Best Year EVER! Reaching Your 2020 Vision workshop is your chance to get clear and focused, and to kick some of those barriers to the curb.


With your VISION Board, even the biggest, scariest goals will suddenly feel much more attainable. AND your VISION Board is the perfect vehicle for finally silencing that negative voice in your head that’s keeping you from living and attaining your dreams.




You want to make 2020 your best year yet, right? That means KNOWING what achieving your goals and dreams, will look like AND most importantly, how it will FEEL. A strong, compelling vision that excites and motivates you every day will keep you on track. Your VISION and VISION Board will keep you excited and help you bust through the blocks that try to keep you small and hidden and not reaching your goals.

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is a lot of hard work—sticking to it through the good, the bad, and the boring. A VISION BOARD hung above your desk will energize you, become daily inspiration and motivation, and drive you forward every single day, clear on your bigger purpose.

Seriously, come play!

Join me on January 25th and 26th for the Be B.O.L.D for Your Best Year EVER! Reaching Your 2020 Vision workshop where you will get crystal clear on what you plan to create for 2020. Your VISION in your mind will transform onto paper as you create a strong, visual representation of your deepest desires. This bright light will keep you moving forward over the year to come. 

This 2-day workshop includes:

Pre-workshop webinar

Workbook to help get crystal clear on your vision

All materials and supplies for creating your vision board

Transforming your limiting beliefs and fears into empowering beliefs

Video of yourself declaring your vision and being supported by the room that you can re-watch throughout the year


Be B.O.L.D for Your Best Year EVER! Reaching Your 2020 Vision Workshop

January 25th and 26th, 2020


Here are a few super powerful testimonials from past workshops…

I’ve been making vision boards for literally DECADES, but there was something truly magical and different about what you did and how you did it. It’s different than any I’ve ever been to or led. There are defining moments in my life, and truly, one of them, absolutely, without a doubt, was being at your visioning workshop. I absolutely attribute you and how you do your thing and showing up and being there for the women, it’s extraordinary.
And the investment, that’s come back to me in so many different ways. If you’re thinking about it, the answer is YES! Definitely go to the workshop, don’t miss it!

Bev Adamo

I didn’t expect the visioning workshop to do what it did for me. I am literally different now, just 4 days later.

Laura Vann

I said that I wanted to travel and use my degrees and to get into my photography a lot more. I am now living outside the country, in China, teaching English to 5-6 year olds, traveling and doing my photography. So, the 3 things that I’ve always wanted to do and never thought I’d have the opportunity- I’m now doing!


Within just a few months, I joined Toastmasters and began speaking, traveled alone to a retreat in Sedona Arizona, and found love! My confidence has returned to me, and I am incredibly happy! If you’re considering working with Erin and taking her Visioning Workshop, run, don’t walk! You will be so glad you did.

Elizabeth Bowen

Before Erin’s Visioning Workshop, I had a lot of things on my list of what I wanted to accomplish and change, but there wasn’t much movement happening on any of it. I was feeling stagnant and depressed that things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. The workshop helped me to realize how badly I really wanted those things, and that I had a lot of fear around not accomplishing them, which was keeping me stuck.

Since the workshop, I have gotten engaged, bought a house with my fiancé, moved my photography studio from a place where I was located for 14 years, to my in home studio, saving tons of money, and took over as the president of Sacramento NACE, (National Association of Catering and Events). I have made mental shifts that support me in reaching my success and goals, every day.

I have made big changes in my self-care and wellness, making this a priority to support me in reaching my life and business goals. I am making things happen and saying YES to opportunities, my life, and my business. It feels amazing to finally be out of fear and taking action and moving towards the life of my dreams!

Meagan Corrigan

Meagan Lucy Photography

 In just a few short weeks since Erin’s Visioning Workshop, I conducted my very first training and added four new team members to my Touchstone Crystal team! I feel more confident, and have had many more opportunities and people aligned with me coming into my life. One of the biggest goals on my vision board was to earn my companies incentive trip to Alaska, and I earned it! My husband I were able to take the trip together, it was wonderful!

Tracy Tighe

 Before Erin’s Visioning Workshop my cleaning business was hit and miss. I felt like I was trying to force my business to work. Since the workshop, I am laser focused, intentional and taking action. I am more positive and receptive to opportunities coming my way. My business has grown by leaps and bounds, and I am even partnering with real estate agents to clean homes go get them beautiful to go on the market. And I even was able to purchase a new car!

I don’t look at things with the same eyes anymore. Things can be however I want them to be, I have a positive, fresh outlook. I’m taking action on the possibilities, not just sitting back and thinking “that would be nice.” I’m dreaming bigger, believing I can have more, and making things happen.

Dusti Branecki

I’ve now attended two of Erin’s Visioning Workshops. They are so much fun and have really helped me to expand in my life and business. I’m thinking in a much bigger, long term way now. My vision is even effecting my husband, who quit his job and started his own business! We even just purchased a house in Texas, moving out of California, to save money in order to reach our financial goals.

I feel way more confident than when I attended the first workshop, get out of my comfort zone a lot more, and the more my confidence grows, the more I feel is achievable. I even lost 35 pounds and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

I now am confident that my vision is achievable, which keeps me motivated and moving forward, growing and growing. It’s so exciting!!

Ruth Extein