This blog is part three in a series about how to create your Best Year Ever through creating a compelling vision. To read part two in the series, “A Fuzzy Vision = Fuzzy Results,” go here…

Throughout this series so far we’ve touched on why you need to have a compelling vision to reach your goals, and how to create a strong vision. Today is all about what can get in your way of having what you want.

Your biggest block? YOU.

I know, I know, ouch! But unfortunately, it’s true. The good news is you CAN learn to be your own best success coach and cheerleader by changing your thoughts.

Let’s go over some of the thoughts and beliefs that might be holding you back and stealing your confidence.
• I’m not good enough
• I’m not worthy of making lots of money (or having that car, house, love, success…)
• That dream is too big for ME. Other people can have that dream, but not me
• Wanting that is greedy (or materialistic, or wrong)
• It’s really hard to make money
• I’m too old
• How am I supposed to make this happen? I just don’t see HOW I can accomplish it

Ever had any of the above thoughts go through your mind? I’ll bet you have. We ALL have!

Here’s the thing… We fear our deepest desires because if we go after them and aren’t successful in attaining them, we get hurt, are disappointed and our confidence plummets. It’s painful!! So, we continue to keep our dreams small and attainable so we don’t have to feel that pain.

On the flip side, how painful is it to hold on to your dreams your entire lifetime, and never move towards them? To know you are meant for something greater, but live a mediocre life? What would you prefer? To never try, staying stuck where you are forever, or to give it all you’ve got, and have a shot at a life of greatness?
What if you CAN have all you ever dreamed of? (You can, by the way…)
The key is to become aware of your limiting thoughts, and change them to thoughts that empower and take you towards your vision, not away from it.

Awareness is key, and it can be challenging to catch yourself when you’re repeating old beliefs to yourself, unconsciously, day-in, and day-out. A trained coach can support you in determining what could be blocking you from what you want to create by asking lots of questions to dig deeper into old patterns you may have created as far back as when you were a toddler. One client, Jennifer, was able to double her pricing after working with me and eliminating a limiting belief around her self-worth. Here’s what she had to say…

“I am so grateful for the coaching experience I had with Erin. With her skillful coaching abilities, she helped me make some major life-changing choices. One of the most poignant had to do with my self-worth.  In this case, it was directly related to establishing pricing for my new business.  When I first shared my thoughts with her about how much I would charge, she asked me questions that really made me look at a couple of self-limiting beliefs in relation to my talents/skills and experience.  I also re-evaluated the value of the services I render.  As a result, I decided on higher rates and my clients have not questioned it once!  They see the value that I almost failed to fully acknowledge had it not been for Erin’s guidance.  My income will be double what it would have been had I not had her as my coach.  Her coaching has been priceless to me!”

So often, we do not see what others see in us. It’s hard for us to see our own worth and brilliance, so we under-charge and hide, staying stuck where we are, our confidence low, and not creating the successful business we desire, and the impact we are burning to create.
In the next blog, I will share a few ways to get past your thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, and step into your confidence, so you can shine, thrive in your business, and have more money in the bank!
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