Some of the best advice I have ever received was “Just be you.” My friend and mentor Jake Ballentine said that to me and it has changed so much in my life and business.

We had a conversation early this year where we talked about how I had this very long pattern and idea that there had to be a “professional Erin” and a “regular life Erin.” I held back, I put on a mask and often felt uncomfortable in professional settings because I had this idea I needed to be a certain way, which wasn’t me.

I was talking about how sometimes I want to hide because I am an introvert and tend to get worn out from “peopling” at times. He said “it wouldn’t be so exhausting if you just showed up as you, without the mask.” ***MIC DROP*** 🎙🎙🎙🎙

That one conversation changed so much in how I show up, letting go of those pre-conceived notions that I had to “be” a certain way to be a professional. My business has grown, people are responding to me differently, more people want to be in my sphere, and I am making a bigger impact.

He sent me a quick message the first morning of my retreat simply saying “Just be you, that’s all they need”, which was a really great reminder to just be completely me, authentic, be love, and my goofy ass self 😂 So simple, and yet so profound.

So if you find yourself struggling with putting on a mask in your life or business, I encourage you to take it off, and try on just being 100% you. I guarantee you, your life will open up and expand in ways you never imagined. Let me know how it goes!!


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