Valentine’s Day is just a made up Hallmark holiday for people to make more money. Don’t put so much pressure on it! Every day should be about love! Loving your partner, your friends, clients, kids, and strangers, too!

Self-love and worth is the basis of everything coming into your life. Fall IN LOVE with YOU and life will fall into place! It’s important to give yourself love, every single day because this will help build on your foundation for everything in your life – your self-worth, feelings of deserve around love, success, money.

Be in love with yourself and your life! It’s important not to rely on others to give you love, it’s important to fall in love with yourself and everything you desire will start to fall into place.

To have more self-love, create a daily self-love ritual. Think about and write down all the things you love about yourself, not only on the outside, but your deep down parts, too. And take some time every single day for self-care. As women and entrepreneurs, we tend to put ourselves last, and this can cause burnout. We can’t give from an empty cup, and if we are burnt out and our cups are empty, we can’t do our thing and make the difference we want to make. It’s critical to stay healthy, so make yourself a priority!

Always give yourself the self-love and care that you deserve. And if you don’t know whether you “deserve” it, I’m here to tell you, YOU DO!


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