LIVE EVENT! Rise Up and SHINE – Set Your Unstoppable Self Free!

Your Limiting Beliefs are the #1 Barrier to Your Success


Are your limiting beliefs playing tug-of-war on your life and business, stopping you from reaching for your dreams and goals?

Are your fears of “not good-enough” or “not-worthy” causing you to quit before really getting started?

Do you feel defeated and want to throw in the towel because you are working really hard and still not making enough money to pay the bills?

Are you feeling at a loss of what to do next, because no matter what you do, nothing seems to be working?

Do you know your lack of confidence is stopping you from attaining everything you want in your life, but aren’t sure how to change it?

Do you KNOW you were meant for more in this life, but aren’t sure how to shift from feeling powerless to powerful?


When you’re lacking confidence and hiding your beautiful light…


You will struggle to get clients, make more money, find deep love, have the freedom you long for.

You won’t be seen as an authority, or credible, and will have constant difficulty growing your business.

You will attract the wrong people to you in all areas of your life resulting in more frustration and even lower confidence.

You will be stuck in the same old life, wondering if you will ever have the life you yearn for.

You are constantly worried about what everyone else will think of you.

What if, you could create all you desire in your life – money, success, love, freedom?



Your confidence is captivating and alluring,

a powerful influence on those around you.



Feeling confident in who you are, what you do and your value, and being able to express that effortlessly out in the world, making you a magnet to high paying clients, success and freedom.

Feeling completely worthy and more than good-enough to have everything you desire in your life, and attracting it to you with ease.

Having an unshakable belief in yourself, making you unstoppable in creating the money, freedom, business, relationships and life you deeply long for.

Making a big impact in your community, and in the world.

Having an abundance of success, prosperity and opportunities flowing to you regularly.

Finally bringing your dreams into reality.




If you’ve already had coaches and mentors, and you still aren’t where you want to be, it may be that you’re lacking confidence and your “stinkin’ thinkin” is stopping you from creating what you deeply desire. I’ve seen many women entrepreneurs working so hard for so long, learning all about business, marketing, social media, sales, and not getting very far. They may go to networking events, and never find prospects, or not know how to talk to people. Or they avoid networking all together, staying hidden, out of fear of being seen and heard. They let their fear dictate their success.


Our fear is meant to protect us when we are in actual danger, not control our lives and keep us invisible.


The fact is, you can know every nitty gritty detail there is about how to run a business, but if you aren’t confident in who you are, your value and worth, and you don’t feel like you deserve success or to be paid what you’re worth, then you will not create all you desire.

I know you want more clients, money, freedom, time to play and more confidence. If you want to do something about it, come to my event, Rise Up and SHINE – Set Your Unstoppable Self Free, so you can stop hiding in fear, and see your dreams come true faster. In order to be successful and have everything you want in life, you MUST be willing to be courageous, to get out of your comfort zone, to feel the fear and do it anyway.

It’s time to stop settling for “good-enough.” You are better than that. You are capable of amazing, big things. But you MUST do the inner work in order to believe in yourself to get to where you want to go.

If you’re tired of not believing in yourself, not feeling good-enough, and worthy of all you desire, this event is for you, because YOU DESERVE to have everything you desire in your life in business, and you deserve to have it NOW. Not in one year, three years or five years. NOW. No more waiting and putting off your success.


Register today.

Date: July 28th, 2018

Time: 10am-6pm

Location: Workflow Lounge, Sacramento


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Client Raves

Before I started working with Erin, I realized that along the road of my life, I somewhere lost my confidence. I felt I wasn’t going where I wanted to go in my business and personal life, I felt stuck.

I enrolled in her Confidence program. At first I really didn’t think this was going to work for me but I knew that if I wanted to achieve my dreams I needed to take some bigger steps out of my comfort zone. Erin is so supportive and helpful, and inspiring!

I’m thrilled and amazed that through her safe and supportive coaching, I found myself stepping way outside my comfort zone. I found that brave, confident soul inside of me again.

My business has bloomed, I’m speaking in public and working on workshops, I traveled alone to a retreat and participated in the fire walk (all of which I was TERRIFIED of before working with Erin). I have even found the love of my life!!

I now take the time to really listen to that inner dialogue, and question what I’m saying to myself. It feels great to be reunited with my confident brave self again. ~Elizabeth Bowen CMT, CMLDT, Bodywork and Balance Massage Therapy


I am so grateful for the coaching experience I have had with Erin.  With her skillful coaching abilities, she helped me make some major life changing choices for myself.  One of the most poignant had to do with my self-worth.  In this case, it was directly related to establishing pricing for my new business.  When I first shared my thoughts with her about how much I would charge, she asked me questions that really made me look at a couple self-limiting beliefs in relation to my talents/skills and experience.  I also re-evaluated the value of the services I render. As a result, I decided on higher rates and my clients have not questioned it once!  They see the value that I almost failed to fully acknowledge had it not been for Erin’s guidance.  My income will be double what it would have been had I not had her as my coach.  Her coaching has been priceless to me!  ~ Jennifer Earl


Being in Erin’s community has been such a blessing for my life and business. Before working with Erin I was struggling. I had a hard time asking for what I was worth, or seeing my value. I felt like if I asked for money for my classes or products, I was begging people, and I never felt like I had worked hard enough to “earn” the money. My confidence was lacking.

Since joining Erin’s supportive community, my business has changed quite a bit. I feel so empowered, my attitude has changed to be more positive and expecting to be successful. I now acknowledge my worth and the vast knowledge I have for my products, and have gotten rid of some of those limiting beliefs that said I am not-worth-it. I am stepping out of my comfort zone, which is bringing me more opportunities and business. AND I am now charging for my classes I once did for free!

Thank you Erin for helping me to see I am worth it and grow my confidence!  ~Brenna Garcia


Before working with Erin, I had a lot of things on my list to accomplish, but there wasn’t much movement happening on any of it. I was feeling stagnant and depressed. She helped me to realize how badly I really wanted those things, and that I had a lot of fear around not accomplishing them, which was keeping me stuck.

Since working together, I have made mental shifts and big changes to my self-care, making ME a priority, which supports me in reaching my success and goals, every day. I am saying YES to opportunities, my life, and my business.

It feels amazing to finally be out of fear and taking action and moving towards the life of my dreams!

~Meagan Corrigan, Meagan Lucy Photography


In just a few short weeks since Erin’s workshop, I feel more confident, and have had many more opportunities and people aligned with me coming into my life. Within five weeks of the workshop, I conducted my very first training and added four new team members to my Touchstone Crystal team! March was my fourth best month in 3 years with 3 new consultants being promoted to GlamBassador!

~ Tracy Tighe



About Erin

Since 2008, Erin has been on her own journey from shy to confident. She used to be so fearful of being seen and heard, in school, the thought alone of asking a question gave her major anxiety and she’d chicken out. But her vision was always bigger than her fears. Fast forward and she now has a thriving confidence coaching business, is a sought after speaker, author, and hosts her own events and retreats, supporting women entrepreneurs to be get past their own fears, gain confidence and make more money. Erin holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach.