Manifest Your Dreams 6-Week Program


Ever gone to a class or created something and once it was done, you forgot about it?

You got busy and just never made the time to get back to it?

You let your fears take over and gave up before you got going?


The Manifest Your Dreams 6-Week Program will get you

Out of Fear, Into action, Embolden You & Your Vision


What I’ve got for you…

  • Continued Uplifting Energy of the Community
    • How often do we set a goal or intention or have a dream, then get wrapped up in life, to-do’s,                                                                                 hustle and bustle and forget our vision or get derailed from it?
    • This group will help you stay connected and moving forward
    • Be supported when you feel like giving up
    • It takes a VILLAGE to actualize big audacious goals


  • Group Coaching to get You out of Fear and into Action
    • Being stuck in fear looks like procrastination, avoidance, laundry, doing dishes, NOT making money
    • Getting into action looks like creation of what you desire – money, health, love, freedom, clients, bliss
    • You’ll get group coaching from Erin to breakthrough your blocks, limiting beliefs, feelings of “not good enough,”                                                    and voices from your past still keeping you down
    • Get into creation mode, get support from me and the group DAILY
    • Have a team of ladies believing in you and your dream, even when you don’t believe in yourself


  • Keep your Doubts in Check and Dream Alive
    • Your Doubter & Limiting Beliefs are your #1 barrier to reaching your dreams
    • Keep those doubts in check and actually moving towards your dreams, not just wishing for them
    • Dream Stealers will have their own doubts about your success and dreams, don’t let them                                                                                        take residence in your head, keep your thoughts positive


  • Get your Action Plan in place
    • Creating an action plan helps keep you out of overwhelm and moving forward


  • Accountability to keep you Inspired and Motivated
      • Helps to keep you on track, continually moving forward and focused to actually get stuff done!
      • Consistency is key to achieving your goals
      • When you lose motivation, you give up on your dream
      • Having a Dream Team for accountability is crucial to keep your dream alive


For six weeks, connect daily with your vision, stay inspired,

dreaming and manifesting, to end this year strong, and begin 2018 AHEAD!



Weekly Zoom meetings
Daily support in the Facebook group
Group Coaching from Erin Summ


Starts NOV 1

ONLY $97