This blog is part one in a series about how to create your Best Year Ever through creating a compelling vision.


We hear all the time how important it is to have goals for your life and your business, but what about a compelling vision? We get asked, “what is your big vision?,” we’ve heard we should create vision boards, and to spend time dreaming about our deepest desires, but why? What’s the difference between goals and vision, and why is vision so critical?

For starters, a plain ol’ goal doesn’t have excitement and zest. You could have a goal to make 6-figures next year in your business, or to lose 50 pounds, but that alone doesn’t fire you up, or keep you going when roadblocks get in the way. That’s where your vision comes in.


Your vision is a technicolor snapshot in your mind of the final result of your goal.


Let’s add a compelling vision onto the goal of making 6-figures and see how it changes the feeling of the goal.

The compelling vision could be you want to take a family vacation to Hawaii with the extra money you make next year. In this vision, you see your family staying in a beautiful beach house on Kauai, every morning waking up to the sound of waves crashing upon the sand and the palm trees blowing in the breeze. During the day, you and your kids and husband play on the beach, building sand castles, and you even get to swim with the dolphins! At night, you sit on the deck of the beach house and watch the most glorious sunset, as you bask in the satisfaction that YOU created the income in your business to be able to create these lifelong memories.

Do you see how different that is than “my goal is to create 6-figures in my business?” Holding that vision in your mind and heart, will keep you fired up and moving forward despite your fears, failures, and thoughts of not-good-enough.


It’s easy to forget your goals. You won’t want to forget your vision.


It’s so easy to get caught up in life, and forget the goals you set for yourself if you don’t have a compelling vision to go along with it. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, but you don’t have a vision of what life might look like once you get there, when that cookie is staring you in the face, you’re likely to have temporary amnesia and gobble it up.

Another of the many reasons to have a compelling vision is because we all get off track. We all have “failures,” roadblocks, mind trash, family stuff, and other things that derail us, but if you have a strong vision, you will keep coming back to it, no matter what.

Your vision and vision board will keep you excited and moving forward when you’re lacking confidence or your gremlins and limiting beliefs are telling you that you aren’t enough. (More on what gets in the way and how to overcome your mind trash in parts 3 and 4 of this series.)

Your mind lights up when it sees pictures, so when you have a vision board full of powerful pictures evoking emotions, it will keep you moving forward and attracting unsuspecting miracles, too!

Make sure to watch for the next blog in this series which will teach you HOW to create a compelling vision to get you on the road to your best year ever for 2018!


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