Melanie Downey is the award-winning Brand PR Coach that entrepreneurs and experts turn to when they want to get known and catapult their success.

She’s got millions of press hits under her belt for herself and her clients – Time magazine once printed one of her press releases word for word, and she’s worked on a campaign with the likes of Sir Richard Branson. But she’s best known for her insight into what makes a ‘brand’ real news, and developing the messaging that gets attention, and gets results.

She says that today’s world is made for introverts.

You will …

Learn why Brand PR is specially suited to Introverts, and reporters love working with us

Hear about the Case Study of Tony Tinervia, Inventor of Keys to the Capitols

Learn how to get started with your PR To Contact Melanie and get her Free e-book, Quick Start Guide to Press, vist her website at