Maggie Schreiber captivates audiences with her vibrant, approachable style. She is able to connect with the audience at a heart level as she inspires dreams, and transforms lives. Her passionate and creative talks engage the audience
as she delivers insightful and compassionate solutions to over- booked schedules, business challenges, life transitions and forgotten dreams, acting as a catalyst to creating a life of abundance, harmony and joy. Recognized as an expert in building women’s community, Maggie is the founder of Women Of Wonder, a spiritually based group of self-discovery. She nurtures women to know they matter along with their dreams, goals and desires. Maggie shares the power of a women’s group in her book “Catch Your Star” which she is a co-author along with many other amazing women.

You will learn…

•    How Maggie gained confidence over the years after deciding as a young girl, she was not “worth it.”
•    About the Power of a Dream Team and how to enroll people to support you in your business
•    How to make a request that gets results, allowing more ease in your business
•    About the 3 step process to W.O.W. to support you as an introvert in making requests

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