I know this is such a crazy time, surreal really, and you might be going down the rabbit hole of fear, and I wanted to tell you, NOW is the time for you to REALLY step it up, be the LIGHT and SHARE your MESSAGE! Your people are struggling, and they need you so much right now! Don’t sit this one out! Get into action and use this time to build your communities, to spread light and positivity and build people up!

Your people need YOU and YOUR MESSAGE NOW, more than EVER before!!

NOW, more than ever, we need to build that know, like and trust factor. People don’t know what to do, or who to listen to, and they need your positivity to get through this.

The world needs your LIGHT more than EVER!

Your CONFIDENCE is more important NOW than EVER!

There has never been a better time to build your own confidence, take that time to do the inner work on yourself, to bust that fear, build empowering beliefs, and be that leader that your audience needs, so that you can SERVE more powerfully!!

 We have to adopt a CAN DO attitude! I want you to to check in with yourself and pay attention to your thoughts. Are you saying “I can’t” or “How Can I?” I know it is super easy right now to think that you can’t build your business now as it’s looking like we might be going into a recession, and everything is a giant unknown. BUT I want you to ask “HOW CAN I?” and get innovative!

Did you know that Uber, Lyft and Air BnB all came out of the 2008 recession? And Disney, Johnson & Johnson, CNN, MTV, Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, Hyatt and other major companies have ALL been created during recessions and depressions??? YEP! And YOU can do it too! DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT STOP NOW!!!

DO NOT sit this one out! Yes, spend some of the extra time you have creating special memories with your family, cleaning clutter, doing fun projects, AND … KEEP GOING! 

Build your community!

Share your message!

Spread your light!

Face your Fears and transform them into Confidence!


Spend some of your extra time diving deep and busting through those blocks! Build that deep belief in yourself! Create a deep feeling of worth and I am Enough-ness.

Your CONFIDENCE is more important NOW than EVER! Confidence is going to help you stay more positive through this challenging time, to keep moving forward, to not give up, and to believe in yourself, your value and your abilities. Your people need YOUR leadership!

Think about it, have you ever seen someone be a strong leader, successful business person, or make lots of money, when they lacked confidence???

 We are in this together. I’ve got your back.

If you would like any support, please feel free to reach out. I am here to support you, to talk, whatever! Until then, please be safe, stay healthy, stay positive and focus on the good! Sending love!


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