The world sure can’t seem to catch a break this year. Seems like since the clock struck midnight on January 1st, there has been one thing after another. As if a worldwide virus and being confined to our homes for months wasn’t hard enough, we are now battling for basic human rights for black lives, which has created a worldwide movement. Protesters all over the world are showing their love and support of black lives, to incite changes all over the world. It has been beautiful to see people of all walks of life, worldwide, showing up in solidarity to make change.

This past week I have cried tears of sorrow, anger, hope and love. I’m appalled that we are still having to fight for basic civil and human rights issues in 2020 because of the color of someone’s skin. I have also been moved deeply by the millions who are peacefully protesting, saying enough is enough, and standing in solidarity with immense love in their hearts.

I know the past few months have been extra challenging, and most people are being challenged emotionally, to their core. And if you are an empath, every day, and every moment can bring a new challenge. Approximately 25% of the population are empaths. If you don’t know what an Empath is, the very basics are, we feel other people’s pain, sadness, fear, energy, as if it is our own. Imagine what a dry sponge is like soaking up liquid. Empaths are like dry sponges and we soak up all the energy around us, good or bad. We feel collective energy as well, and as a collective, the energy in the world is much lower than usual, so it has really been affecting me and my energy, and those of pretty much everyone I have talked to. How has it been effecting yours?

It’s critical for ALL of us, empath or not, to not ignore the feelings that are coming up throughout this time. When we ignore, or resist, feelings, they grow, and can cause many issues, from headaches, body aches, and even serious illness.


So if you are having sadness, anger, fear, etc, it is really important to feel it fully, and not resist it or it will get worse and can manifest into illnesses. Facing it will help you to dissipate the emotion.

There are always two sides to everything. Each emotion always has an opposite. Fear/Confidence, Peace/Anger, Resistance/Allowance, Hope/Despair.

I did a video in my Confident Woman Community  group this week, which is giving you a tool to clear stuck emotions. You can follow along with me, and insert whatever emotion is up for you.

The KEY is to FEEL FULLY, at a 10 out of 10, not a 9 out of 10. Feeling it at a 9 will not get rid of and dissipate the emotions, only 10/10 will.

Below the video are the directions if you want to read them, but you can also follow along with me in the video. I start the process around 7:30 in the video if you want to skip ahead.
I can also take you through this process one-on-one. I have found I always go deeper when I have someone I trust guiding me through the process. I am here to support you, please reach out if you are needing support. Sending massive hugs and love to you!!


What is the emotion? Let’s go with sadness (you will insert whatever emotion you are feeling). Put your index and middle fingers on your chest point and say “Sadness is arising. Even though sadness is arising, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. And I love and accept the sadness that is arising, because it is a part of me too.”

Insight Point 1 (next to the beginning of the eyebrow) – Feel sadness at a 10/10 for 10 seconds. Feel it FULLY and COMPLETELY. Intensify and magnify the sadness for 10 seconds. Take a deep breath in and out, and shut the door on the sadness.

Insight Point 2 (temple) – Repeat what you did on Insight point 1.

Insight Point 3 (under the eye, on the eye bone) Repeat what you did on Insight point 1 and 2.

Acknowledge anything that comes up. You can run the same process on any other emotions that arise.

Once you have cleared the “negative” emotions, do the same process on the opposite emotions. I used HOPE.

I know this will help you if done correctly. If you need support, please reach out. I can take you through the process as well.  

Some books that have supported me in learning more about being an empath are:

The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff

Empowered Empath by Judy Dyer

Both can be found on Amazon, and Audible, and both authors have multiple books as well.


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